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Caribou Island - 2009

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What do the Space Vipers sound like?

The sound is described as an eclectic mixture of progressive and garage rock with multiple influences. A power trio with rock guitar, bass, drums, keys, theremin. Some say a mix of Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, the B-52's, and Radio Head. That's what some say. You should download an MP3 from the Semiphone CD below, to preview what our reunion show will sound like...


The Space Vipers were formed in 1997 as a three-piece Delaware rock band. The group played a number of shows in the late 90's and put out one official CD, Semiphone (MP3 links listed below), a "Space Rock Opera" before breaking up in early 2000. In 2003 Bill Degnan reformed the Space Vipers as the name of his solo project. See Tour Photo Semiphone CD cover Semiphone CD Reverse

In the fall of 2005 The band has reformed for one reunion show of the original Space Rock Opera was performed on 10-13-2005 to a packed audience.

Space Rock Diary

12-7-02.. Bill interviewed by AlTournative Press.

snip for space

10-04..Moved to Landenberg, home studio.

2-05..Joined band The Collingwood.


2006 Quit the Collingwood, had a baby Alice Cea Degnan. Taking a year off.

2-27-07 Another reunion is in the works and a new practice space, etc. We will never die.

7-15-09 Live set for Caribou Island Completed. Looking for a guitar player for low-key performances. Rehearsal space in Wilmington, DE



Semiphone Re-Mixed

In 2003 Bill went into Target Studios and re-mixed the original reels. If you want a copy of the CD, contact billdeg -at- aol dot com.

Order on the CD (in single format)
Space Vipers Theme
3 and 90 Million Miles (without opening verse vocal track)
Yucatan Ants / Army Ants
Ice Bees Theme
Terrible Battle
Retreat of the Ice Bees
(They wont tell you to) Brush Your Teeth In Hell
I see the whole picture now
Order a CD below. Read this as you play the tracks loudly and in order, congruently. (The tracks above are not meant to be played separetly as singles).
Order a CD online for $3.00 [DEGNAN,CO SSL] or send inquiry below.

Rehearsals/Demos, 2000-2003

Happy Funny var 3
A Tavern in the Town
I don't want what I've got (Instrumental version)
Theme from
The Lounge
Golf Course Freak Out
Chicks Chics Chiques
3 and 90 Million Miles (with orig vocals)

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There are about 45 known original and some rare cover recordings and live show recordings, this web site has selected MP3's only. You can order additional material (Caribou Island project for example).
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